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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quick Update!

Hi all! just a quick wee note - I might not be adding a great deal to my blog in the next 2 or 3 weeks as I have a lot on! I'm busy studying for an exam (oh joy!) and we've just bought a new house... which means this one has to be in a state presentable to sell (no small task!). I think this will take up a lot of my very limited free time ... i.e. the 45 mins a day I call my own!! so there may be little opportunity for me to post new items! Please don't forget me though! I will be back!! And more!! as soon as I can be!!


Alexandra said...

Don't worry, we won't forget you - life happens and you have a lot on your plate now. We will be thinking about you! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

LuLu said...

Tracy you will be busy and I don't envy you having to have your house "presentable" all the time - that task alone would freak me out! Good luck with the exam and we won't forget you !

Nikki said...

Well I hope you will be back very soon. I have just found your blog and spent a good 10 minutes looking at all your wonderful cards!
Love your watercolouring.
Good luck with the move.

Manna said...

I'll be thinking about you. Hope all goes well!

punknscrap said...

Big Good Lucks for your exam, thinking of you.

nat x x said...

great blog tracy but you've been tagged, visit my blog for details. http://mrswillybobscards.blogspot.com/

Suzanne said...

Good luck with the exams, and the house move you are a very brave women.We have moved 5 times and the last time 10yrs ago I said never again and I mean it!!!! Sue :o)

NattyK said...

I will keep popping by, can't wait to see more fab new cards. x

Maureen said...

Tracy - 3 things: 1) good luck on the exam and make sure you get enough sleep prior to!! 2) best wishes on the move and I hope your selling adventure is not totally crazy 3) we will NEVER forget you! but will be poppin in to check on you! even if you can't put up more of your fab cards, leave us a note of progress if you can...(((()))))

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