Monday, January 11, 2021

Monochromatic with a splash of colour


Well where has the time gone since I last blogged?  I think this has been the longest time away ever for me!  Probably a number of factors to consider... not least a global pandemic sadly. 

My craft space also now doubles as a work space so it feels less like somewhere to escape to.  Other family interests and hobbies have had to stop as they just can't be done with social distancing etc. so there's less "me" time.  And probably the biggest factor, despite trying to have a massive clearout of stuff I just simply wont use anymore (which I did last year!) I still have toooooo much and I can never find what I'm looking for, or I forget I've got it!

I'm going to try though.  Try to do some more tidying, and try to do some more crafting! 

I have been busy making candles - votives, tea lights and wax melts though, so the house does smell gorgeous.  And recycling the wax melts to make tea lights means nothing gets wasted!

This is the first card I've made in ages.  And I felt like a beginner making it.  I didn't even stamp the greeting!  I am quite happy with the water coloured flowers though.

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