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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Totally Shocked!!

This has nothing to do with card making... or stamping... or scrapbooking!! I've been adding a new play list of 50's and 60's music which I love - and it makes me smile. I'll probably revert to my old playlist soon. But, what is it they say?? Variety is the Spice of life!! And in the course of updating my playlist I made a very surprising (to me!!) discovery! I love all kinds of music... I go by the rule.. "if I like it... I like it!"...

And whilst searching for some good 50's and 60's tracks I decided to add some Paul Anka.. and I found one called "Smells like teen spirit"... now, I am a Nirvana fan.. and this seemed just to coincidental!! And... totally amazed as I am.. Nirvana covered Paul Anka!! This might come as no surprise to you all, but it did to me! Just goes to prove... your parents are without doubt the COOLEST and TRENDIEST people you will ever be lucky enough to meet.. and whatever it is.. they did it first!

As I edge ever closer to 40 (in a matter of weeks) and with a 3 year old of my own I find this both AMAZING and REASSURING!

and it makes me SMILE!

1 comment:

Katie said...

I've heard that Paul Anka album (oops showing my age, do they have albums anymore!) with all the covers on, it's great!

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