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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Catch up!

Hi everyone and thanks for all the comments on my recent posts. I've not been posting many new creations over the last few weeks as free time and creative inspiration have been at an all time low :-( I'm hoping that this will change soon though - light at the end of the tunnel and all that!! and I'll get back to having crafty fun and posting new items soon!

On a positive note - this creative drought has not impacted my ability or inclination to do crafty-shopping (yes, surprise surprise!) lol!

I've also been trying to change my blog template - not to one of those offered by blogger - but to one supposedly compatible with blogger - but no success - I get so far with all the code right to the point of saving it then it seems I'm going to lose lots of the links, pics etc that I already have. So I guess I'm stuck with this format! C'est la vie!

So I guess I would just like to say please check back on my blog regularly as I hope to be adding lots of new posts soon!

What's that I see on the horizon?? Could it be my inspiration creeping back into the room?

Thanks again to everyone for their kind feedback on my blog so far!



Manna said...

Can't wait, Tracy!

Maureen said...

crafty shopping....ummm uummmmmmm good!! and I think I see that inspiration gaining on you fast!! WOO HOO!!


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