Saturday, November 1, 2008

For Charity - Children In Need

I'm involved in running one of the two scottish call centres which support Children in Need on the 14th of November and during the day we are having a "bake sale". Aside from cake and candy we can take along anything we want to sell to raise cash for this excellent cause. I thought I would give my bind it all a run for its money and make some little mini books and note pads. (I'm going to try post it note holders next!!) These took me about 10 mins to make each one and they are made from all sorts of odd ends of paper and board (including the chipboard you get inside new quilt covers and curtains to keep them flat in their packaging!). Even the paper inside is offcuts from my local paper mill. I would estimate the cost of each one to be around£0.50 to make. I hope they make lots for the charity!

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Plastic Cards said...

I love these cards.

Great effort.

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