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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fun in the sun!

 No prizes for guessing where we went today!  Blair Drummond Safari Park.  Brilliant day out and great weather.  It was really busy and the order of the day was BBQ!

Sarah had great fun on the dodgems, bouncy castle, and a few other fairground rides, including the tea cups! (good practice for Disney later this year!)  I'm loving my pic of the rhino - so clear. And it wasnt taken with a zoom lens. It really was that close!   The lions were mostly sleeping.. just like our cats at home!  The Californian Sea Lions were having great fun though, one had a hold of a hose and was trying to catch the water to drink it. This wasn't even the organised show! 

Having great fun on your own doorstep really makes you appreciate the UK. If we could just guarantee the weather!

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