Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh, I've been so bad...

...why have I been so bad??  Because I haven't posted anything in ages!  It's not that I've not been crafting.. I do have a lot less free time now that I've started my new job.. but it's all good.  I've been busy making lots of cards but not always taking pics of them (really do need to get a better camera!)
Here are some recent makes.  I've also been busy on what started out as a crochet granny square and is now about 4 sq ft in size! I'm going to keep going until it can be used as a throw for a bed.  It's great fun and really relaxing to make!  I'll take a pic soon... just to prove that there are no idle hands in this house!
All thoughts are now turning to holidays... want to do some special holidays this year.. about time we treated ourselves! So lots of googling ahead...!  oh I do love looking for holiday venues!
I'm off to do my nails now.. Leighton Denny Crushed Grape I think!  I just love that colour.. and I'm not sure Jailbird is a good idea for work, although I do love it!!   What do you think??


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Debbi Glennie said...

I'm especially loving that bank of dad card, so clever

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