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Thursday, May 4, 2017

May already!

Hello!   Wow! We are in May already!  Holiday countdown is definitely on! 

I've been missing in action on the cardmaking front but I have been using my time wisely!  I'm in the process of creating boards on Pinterest with all my stamps and dies etc.  The reason?  Only so that I can see what I have in one place and hopefully take inspiration from it rather than continuing to shop for new stash!
It's no small task though!

I have been using some of my time to craft though. In the form of crochet. Nothing complex, just a big (BIG!) granny square!  It's so colourful and cozy. The wool is arran weight so it's really quick and easy to work with.  Here it is... get your sunglasses on!

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Megan J said...

Hi Tracy, love your crocheted blanket, we have quite a few of these here, Mum makes them, including a huge queen sized one with ombre rainbow one with black row between the rows. Have a wonderful weekend... Megan

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