Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy Days!


Schools are on holiday here at the moment so some quality time for us girlies.  A wee long lie followed by getting our nails done. Then lunch!  And now it's 4pm and back home.   And back home to find a parcel waiting.  With the most amazing product!  Gina K Designs amalgam ink.

Unless you've already heard of, or used, this product you might be saying "a black ink pad, so what?".. well, this pad can be used for alcohol markers or water based (including water colouring!)  And, even though I only had a tiny little play to see the results, it WORKS!!  Amazing!

This was my quick test! Watercolors on the left and alcohol markers on the right.  I'm very impressed.  The ink pad is lovely and juicy and has a pleasant smell (reminds me a wee bit of pear drops).  Now I need to find somewhere that stocks re-inkers as I'm sure this pad is going to be very well used!

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