Monday, December 8, 2008

Cupid the Reindeer

Here's my little Cupid with the white antlers. There was no nativity this year at nursery. This time they did "The Night Before Christmas". It doesn't seem like a year ago we went to see the nativity with the "rabbit" up front. Now Cupid the Reindeer stole my heart. She smiled and sang, rang her sleigh bells, and even clapped for everyone.. and her mum? (considering I held it together really well last year), well I had a tear in my eye from start to finish! What a sap I am! and I hope I never change!


Emma said...

Oh how cute your little cupid you are so proud. No wonder you had a tear.
Emma x

Mar G said...

Awww how cute is she?!
I would've had a tear too Tracy.
Our children grow up too quickly & we are left wondering where the years have gone!
We often think that it wasn't so long ago that our home was filled with baby equipment & now we have a teenage son as Robbie turned 13 in October!

Alex said...

She is really cute Tracy - I can see why you are so proud!! And, moms are supposed to be saps, so be one proudly, LOL!


Maureen said...

Just like Alex said....its our jobs to be saps....and just know we (your sbs9 sistahs) all do it so well! LOL ...and your reindeer is adorable!!!

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