Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update on progress (!) with the Miyuki kit

Ok... try not to laugh! I now realise that the reason the kit has a difficulty level of 4 out of 5 is because it's NOT EASY!!!
Did I under estimate the rating?? ... or over estimate my ability???
I've been trying Peyote stitch which, on paper, is as easy as... threading the needle!! The instructions are all translated to english so now I know a few very important pointers, including:

"Beading needle tends to bend, so be careful when handling it and KEEP IT OUT OF CHILDREN" (Wheeeww, thank goodness it warned me!!)

Also, "some materials have extra"... lets hope that applies to the beading thread!!

I'm not going to give up though... OH NO.. but I might wait until I've had a glass of wine before trying again.. who knows.. peyote stitch may just make sense to me!!

By the way.. peyote stitch was used by the Native Americans and the Ancient Egyptians.. I will do it!

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Mar G said...

Good Luck!
I'd be scared to try it after a glass of wine cos I'd probably stab it into myself :-O Lol x

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