Thursday, February 25, 2016

What a week!

Well first of all .. hello!

This week hasn't exactly turned out as planned.. no heating at work made the choice easy to work from home however.. Wednesday morning (a very loud ringing door bell and knocking by a neighbour) and this was the sight to see.. a river, fast moving, white water.. where the rather sedate and peaceful cycle path right next to our house would normally be!  The answer?  I burst water main..   luckily the 3' wall beside our house stayed strong.. if the water had been an inch higher? well a different outcome.  Sadly some neighbours were not so lucky.. my heart goes out to them.

Pics will follow.. we have no broadband at the moment.. apparently the force and depth of the water has washed the "switch" "box" whatever its called.. away!

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Barb said...

The photos are a bit alarming Tracy. So glad you stayed safe. I'm sorry to her about your poor neighbours. Barbxx

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