Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Sticking with the paint brush!


I love to use watercolours to colour stamped images.  The more you can influence the end result the better the individuality I think!  I do have some ready made toppers in my craft stash but for some reason I always find them harder to craft with.  Perhaps in my mind I don't see "assembly" of ready made items in the same way as I see "messing about from scratch"!  LOL!  Everyone finds their own way in crafting and that's what's so great about it!
I do wish I was truly "artistic" but I think that would only be achieved with lots of time and patience (if ever!) and certainly not with a full time job, busy family life and lots of socialising!
So for the moment, I just "tinker".. and today's "tinkering" involves some freehand water colouring.  Some little floral notelets.  These are actually great fun to make!  I've got so many different types of water colours I just used them randomly.

I'm looking forward to more time to practice!

Hope you like these beginner attempts!

Have a lovely day!

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