Friday, February 20, 2009

All baked!

Here it could be forgiven for saying.. "weren't the little circles blue in the last picture??"... yes they were! I might just have confused my centigrade and my farenheit!! The temp it gets baked at is 110/230.. I did it at 230.. I think MAYBE I should have set the oven to 110. Still.. these are the things we learn by! If you didn't know it was blue before you wouldn't know I had made such a mistake! Better luck next time I say!

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Mar G said...

Well done Tracy, your wee coaster looks good & at least next time you'll know what temp to set the oven at! ;-) Lol
I've just ordered Prismacolour pencils from the States so I'm reading up on everything I need to use so that I can use my Promarkers with my stamped images too! Feeling a wee bit - Lol x

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