Sunday, February 22, 2009

Washing the car - harmless??

..not to a 4 year old. A simple Sunday afternoon task of washing the car - great fun? well it should be for a 4 year old... but have you any idea what is in car shampoo?? It's scary.. a word of warning. Don't let your child help Daddy by washing the car - unless it's with ordinary soap and water. Sarah has just come in with a really angry red rash all over her face. Red bumps and white blotches. Almost definately an allergic reaction.. thank goodness we have Piriton in the house. I've also washed her face with only water - very gently. Lets hope it will start to fade soon! I think I will start paying more attention to labels... it's a scary world!

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Mar G said...

OMG thats awful Tracy....Poor wee Sarah!
You should contact the manufacturer & advise them of whats happened.
Good job you had the Piriton in the house.
We have it everywhere we go as Robbie our oldest is allergic to eggs, coconut & Codeine!
Tc - Mar x

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