Monday, March 21, 2016

Just loving this!

Hello!  Welcome to Spring!  I know it was officially yesterday but I didn't get a minute to blog yesterday!

We did however manage to create the Atomium (it took ages, 9 polystyrene balls, 12 lolly pop sticks, 8 toothpicks and some silver spray paint... and a LOT of hot glue!).  It was ceremoniously wrapped in a bin bag this morning and taken into school.  So I guess I earn a parent brownie point!   And I was rewarded when the postman arrived this morning with this.........

This set was on my "absolutely must have" list.  Now that I have it I realise I need the other set by Kim Dellow too!

Maybe time for some shopping later this morning.  But first I need to make a baby card!

Hope you have a lovely Monday!

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