Saturday, March 19, 2016

Super Dad!

Not much crafting or blogging time at the moment unfortunately.. but some lovely family news as we welcome a gorgeous little girl into the world.. wishing the days away until we get to see her (a little journey for us soon!).. and the chance to meet up with extended family so what could be better!
Hopefully some crafty time tomorrow.. although it will involve reconstructing in a scaled miniature... one of the European landmarks..   Why is it that a school project becomes my project??  The truth is you never really leave school!  (those "truly blessed" parents among us will know this!)
So forget the Eiffel Towel,  laugh in the face of the Leaning Tower.. the Colosseum? (too easy!!), La Sagrada Famila? Nope... The Vatican (amazing place!).. no, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (St. Petersburg).. despite the fact my 11 year old has visited all of these (and more).. she chooses... The Atomium (Belgium... built for the 1958 World Fair).. and despite being in Belgium last year.. we didn't actually visit it!   But that is what we have to reconstruct tomorrow!   Hello Hobbycraft.. here we come!
And to the one person who probably won't be up to his eyes in polystyrene balls, silver paint and glue...

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