Sunday, January 3, 2016

It's been a while!

Hi!  I'm not sure if anyone still visits here as I've been so bad at not posting any updates.  I would love to make a new years resolution to get better at posting regularly but sometimes life just gets in the way.  All of that aside, I hope you have all had a very happy New Year and are looking forward to a bright new 2016.

I have made one sort-of-resolution.. and that's to craft with what I have, to re-discover, and to try not to be tempted with so many new things.  I'm also promising myself a clear out, a de-clutter, some "life-laundry"!   I think the best approach is to start small, baby steps and all that!

My first task was to start tidying my craft space.  Being able to see the floor is a good start!  The craft bug has definitely taken hold of the younger member of the household.. but not papercraft, oh no.. she's taken up jewellery making and sewing!  So that could be quite handy when it comes to de-stashing all my beads, findings and cotton!  It also means we are a two-sewing-machine family!

Having only made Christmas cards recently it's always nice to get back into birthdays.  Here are a couple of recent makes.  The first is for a very special lady's 80th, and it the second is just me practicing with Tim Holtz Distress pens on watercolour paper.  The cupcake stamp is Tim Holtz Birthday Blueprints (I love these blue print stamps!)

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