Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Something new


No cards today.  Been trying something new... acrylic paint pouring.  (Yes, the craft room is a mess.. and so am I, despite wearing rubber gloves!! Gonna need a new craft desk!!)

It's definitely addictive.  I have so many acrylic paints it seemed daft not to give this a go!  So, liquitex and silicone at the ready, along with some plastic cups and lollipop sticks, this was my first pouring attempt.

Not sure really... I got some cells but I don't have a blow torch (as yet!!) so I wasn't able to add real heat. The heat gun didn't really cut it!

Everyone has to start somewhere!

Maybe my colour choice wasn't quite diverse enough.  Or maybe I should wait and see what happens when it's dry! 

Anyway.. it was fun (and messy) and what is it they say?  Practice makes... more mess!! 

Watch this space! LOL!

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